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Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

Refrigerator in Cincinnati, Ohio

Refrigerators are among the most commonly used appliances in homes, thanks to their convenience and labor-saving features. Therefore, a leak from this important home appliance might come as a shock. You may need a professional diagnosis to discover the cause of the refrigerator leak and fix it. Don’t delay if you notice water beneath your fridge. The following are some possible reasons why you have a leaky refrigerator.

High Humidity

Refrigerator leaks can happen due to extremely humid climates. When the humidity in the air mixes with the cold temperatures in a fridge, the drain pan fills up and condensation forms faster than usual. A water leak will be noticeable when the pan overflows. You can prevent water leaks by emptying the drain pan often during humid days. You could also install a dehumidifier in your kitchen to combat the high humidity levels.

Open Fridge Door

When the fridge door is left open for a long time, the refrigerator requires a lot of energy to stay cool. You’ll notice a big puddle of condensation at the front of your refrigerator. The solution is to simply close the refrigerator door. Moreover, a faulty door gasket could cause refrigerator leaks. If you notice little condensation drips on the outside of the fridge or some water in a line at the front of the refrigerator, then a faulty door gasket could be the culprit. A fridge door gasket is a plastic material that surrounds the door’s inner edges. An old or damaged fridge door gasket causes condensation that appears like a leak. Fortunately, you can stop the leaks by replacing the gasket.

You Recently Moved the Fridge

If you’ve recently changed your refrigerator’s location, the move could have interfered with the hose that comes down. You also might have misaligned the pan itself. A misalignment of these components could cause refrigerator leaks. Thus, confirm that all the pan and drain portions fit correctly and that the drain tube is aligned.

Water Filter Leak

Modern fridges have a water filter, unlike traditional models. A broken connection between the appliance and the filter could cause a refrigerator leak. Also, installing the wrong filter size could result in a refrigerant leak. Old water filters crack over time due to over usage, which could also cause a water leak. Fortunately, you can hire an expert to replace the water filter or install it correctly to prevent future leaks.

Cracked Drain Pan

The drain pan, located underneath the fridge, collects condensate water. Usually, you don’t have to empty the water contained in the drain pan because it evaporates. Unfortunately, water may leak on the floor when the pan has a split, crack, or dent. You can pull the pan and check for cracks and replace it.

Damaged Ice Maker Tubes

The ice maker isn’t often a point of concern for a leaking refrigerator. However, the water line connecting to the ice maker may sometimes loosen or become kinked. Additionally, plastic hoses and seals crack and wear over time, causing water leaks. You can check the connections at the back of the fridge as you pay attention to moisture indicators. Tighten loose connections to stop water leaks.

Clogged Defrost Drain

The defrost drain in the freezer is probably clogged if the refrigerator is leaking inside. Modern freezers have a cycle of freezing and defrosting, so they continuously produce condensation. The drain pan under the refrigerator collects the excess moisture. When the drain is clogged or blocked by ice chunks or food particles, water leaks out of the fridge to the floor.

Condensation Leaks

The refrigerator has a drain tube connected directly into the drip pan. It removes the condensation inside the refrigerator compartment. A leak is likely to occur if the drain hole has a clog or an obstruction from a foreign object. Another common cause of fridge water leaks is when the refrigerator isn’t level. Thus, the collecting condensation fails to flow to the drain hole. A telltale sign of this problem is small water leaks at the front of the fridge.

Frozen or Clogged Water Supply Line

Frozen water supply line causes water puddles beneath the fridge. It can also affect the production of ice if your fridge has an ice maker. A clogged water supply line stops or slows the water floor from the dispenser. The plastic supply tube also deteriorates over time and may eventually crack. It’s wise to shut off the flow to prevent flooding in your kitchen.

Rely on the Pros

Regular refrigerator maintenance can expose leaks early enough and allow for repairs to avert further complications. At Wingate Heating Cooling Plumbing & Electrical, we provide fridge maintenance plans for our Cincinnati clients to increase their appliances’ lifespans. Our team also offers electrical maintenance and repair, duct cleaning, heating installation, and plumbing maintenance and repair services. If you have questions about refrigerator leaks and maintenance, contact Wingate Heating Cooling Plumbing & Electrical today.

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