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Local Sump Pumps Repair, Replacement & Installation

Ensure a dry basement with local sump pumps repair, replacement and installation services. Call the experienced sump pump professionals at (513) 322-1319

Don’t let a wet basement in your Greater Cincinnati area home get you down. At Wingate HVAC Plumbing, and Electrical, we perform sump pump repair, replacement and installation. We’re your first contact when your sump breaks down, for fast, quality service. We’ve been in this business over 50 years, so we have the experience to do the job right!

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

The sump pump is more than just a pump keeping your basement dry. The system consists of a sump pit, sump pump, and sump discharge pipe. When our crews install a sump pump system, we first dig the sump pit, sometimes called a sump basin, in your basement floor at either the basement’s lowest area, or in the basement area in which water tends to pool. We install the sump pit at least 10” from the walls to ensure the integrity of the foundation.  Next we install the sump pump submerged inside the sump pit, along with the sump discharge pipe.

When the outside soil becomes saturated with water, the sump pit will fill with the excess. The sump pump then redirects the water away from your home, saving your basement from water damage. The pump turns off once the water level is reduced in the sump pit.

Problems with Sump Pumps

As effective as a sump pump is at keeping your home’s foundation from getting waterlogged, if your sump pump is in need of repairs, it will not work to its full potential. Common problems include electrical outages, filtration problems, a continually running pump, and the pump emitting unusual sounds. Often times a valve needs to be changed, but sometimes the pump needs replacing. A pump needs to be the correct size for the amount of water it has to process. If your pump is continually failing, it might be time to upgrade to larger sized pump.

Be sure to call your trusted plumber immediately if you are experiencing problems with your sump pump. Wingate Plumbing, can assess the problem and find solutions for you, so you won’t have to risk water damage in your basement.  We will replace your broken pump with a new model, or we can install a new sump system if it will benefit your property. Remember, at Wingate Plumbing, one of our values is honesty. We will never try to sell you a service or product that is not right for your property.

Call the right professionals for the job! Call Wingate Plumbing, to see what we can do for you. (513) 322-1319 today.


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