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Space Heater Safety Guidelines for Homeowners

Space Heater Safety in Cincinnati, OH

Space heaters may seem like a very simple tool that can help to provide heat for your home. However, it’s been estimated that over 25,000 house fires are a result of misusing space heaters every year. Before you start to rely on one, it’s important that you follow the safety guidelines that we’re going to go over below to ensure that you don’t start a fire.

Invest in Modern Safety Features

If you’re going to be using a space heater to provide supplemental heat for your house, it’s important that you invest in a modern space heater. Don’t rely on space heaters that were produced 20 or 30 years ago, as they’re not as safe as space heaters today.

Modern space heaters tend to come standard with tip-over protection, overheat protection, and cool-touch housing. Whenever your unit accidentally tips over, the tip-over protection will shut it off automatically. This helps to prevent any objects from catching on fire that the space heater may be lying up against once it falls over.

Overheat protection works to automatically shut off the unit if it senses that the internal components are getting too warm. Lastly, cool-touch housing helps to ensure that the exterior housing of the space heater unit stays cool to the touch so that you don’t burn yourself if you touch it while it’s in use.

Get an Electric Space Heater

Just like many other heating systems, space heaters can run on different fuels. Some of the most common include oil, propane, gas, and electricity. Whenever you burn oil, propane, or gas, you’ll need to properly vent the heater to ensure that it doesn’t create any sort of respiratory problems for the people in your household. For this reason, it’s always advisable to invest in an electric space heater since it won’t produce any harmful airborne toxins.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Not every space heater works the same as the next. You want to take the time to read the owner’s manual that comes with the space heater that you purchase to ensure that you understand how to actually operate it. Make sure you pay close attention to any of the warning labels that come with the owner’s manual so that’s you don’t fall victim to any foreseeable problems.

Check Your Heater Before Each Use

It’s highly advisable that you inspect the entire heater before plugging it in to use it. You’ll want to check the actual housing of the unit to make sure that there are no cracks. You’ll also want to inspect the plug to ensure that there’s no damage or exposed wires. Lastly, make sure that all of the connections are tight. If you notice any problems with a space heater, you should avoid using it until you can get it fixed by a professional.

Use a Wall Receptacle to Power

There’s no denying the fact that space heaters draw a lot of power to work. For this reason, they need to be plugged directly into a wall receptacle. Avoid plugging them into an extension cord or power strip, as they may not have the necessary voltage capacity to handle the electricity needs of your space heater. It’s also recommended to avoid plugging anything else into the wall receptacle that you already have your space heater plugged into.

Create a Kid-Free Zone

Space heaters can be especially dangerous when children mess with them. This could be intentional since some kids have an interest in playing with the buttons or touching the unit. It could also be accidental like falling into the unit or tripping over the cord. To prevent any harmful outcomes for your children, it’s best to sit down and discuss the potential hazards of the space heater. Outline a specific area where your children will need to give your space heater some space. It’s a good rule of thumb to create a 3- to 5-foot barrier around the entire unit where your children aren’t allowed to enter.

Don’t Leave Your Unit Unattended

It’s never recommended to leave your space heater on when you’re not at home and awake. You should resist the temptation of letting your space heater run when you’re not at home, as you won’t be able to respond quickly to any potential dangers like a fire. In addition, you don’t want to be fully asleep with a space heater on since this drastically reduces your ability to notice a problem and respond quickly.

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