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How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

AC Cleaning in Cincinnati, OH

There are many benefits to keeping your air conditioning unit clean. Cleaning your air conditioning unit often will ensure that your system lasts for a long time. It will also help you cool your home effectively, and it helps prevent repair issues with your cooling system.

If not regularly cleaned, dirt will gather in your unit, which can then lead to mildew and mold growth. As a result, your AC unit will have to work extra hard to achieve the desired cooling rate. This will, in return, cost you more in energy bills. While the cleaning process might look overwhelming, it’s crucial to help you maintain your cooling system.

Before you commence with cleaning, it is recommended that you unplug the system from the power supply for safety. The following is a guideline on how to clean your air conditioning unit.

Cleaning the Filters

Air filters are an essential part of your AC unit. Their function is to ensure that no dust, dirt, or other air particles get into your system. However, with time, the filters accumulate dust, restricting the adequate flow of air into your house.

Be sure to check your air conditioner filters for dirt, and clean them if they are clogged. It is also essential to check whether your system uses reusable filters or disposable ones.

The first step is to vacuum them. Next, mix some white vinegar with warm water and let the filter soak in the mixture for an hour. Rinse them off with water before replacing them. Remember to allow the filter some time to dry after cleaning them. Don’t apply a lot of pressure to avoid tearing them. Depending on how dirty they are, you may just need to use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

Air Vents

Generally, vents are the air pathways through which the warm air is removed and cool air is delivered. With time, the vents accumulate some dust, which is why it is important to clean them regularly. You can use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

Cleaning the Evaporator Coils and Fins

Evaporator coils are also crucial parts of your air conditioning system, and they require regular cleaning. Use a soft brush to remove the sticky dirt from the evaporator coils. Care is paramount when cleaning the air conditioner fins, as they can easily bend. Additionally, you can use a non-rinse cleaner to spray the evaporator coil. This will help you get to the hard-to-reach areas.

Clean the Drain Tubes and Trays

Blocked drain lines can lead to considerable damage in your home, which means you should regularly inspect and clean them. While cleaning drain lines, use a wet-dry vacuum or a damp cloth to eliminate any dust you see.

In addition, some dust will get into the AC unit and settle in the AC’s tray. As a result, the tray requires regular cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to clean the tray, too.

Cleaning Your Grille and Exterior

Once you clean your drain lines and tray, proceed to clean your air conditioner’s exterior and grille. Apply some warm water and regular detergent to clean your grille. Depending on its status, you can choose to wipe the grille using a damp cloth.

Generally, the grille has some air gaps that gather dust with time. So, it’s important to clean them thoroughly. In addition, your air conditioning unit exterior needs regular cleaning. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt.

Let Our Professionals Help You

For better and more professional results, you may want to consider hiring professional technicians. Professional cleaners will provide a comprehensive cleaning job. Their years of experience mean they will know just what to do. They can also clean your unit without damaging any parts.

Depending on your location, your air conditioner usually collects dust over time. If you reside in a dusty area, professional cleaning might be your best option.

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