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Electrical Panel Services in Cincinnati

Taking Care of the Heart of Your Electrical System

Your electrical panel is the main distribution point for your home’s electrical circuits. This metallic box is the heart of your electrical system. And, like your heart, when it stops functioning properly, it means trouble.

If your electrical panel needs to be replaced or upgraded, Wingate Electrical clean, screened, trained, and timely electricians are ready to help with a panel inspection, replacement or any other electrical needs.


Does Your Electrical Panel Need An Update?

Electrical panels have a useful service life of about 20 years. However, there are factors that may signal the need for a replacement or upgrade sooner.

Common Electrical Panel Warning Signs:

  • Flickering or dimming lights—even after changing bulbs
  • Constantly tripping breakers
  • Blown fuses
  • Circuit surges
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from the electrical panel
  • Smell of overheated wires coming from the electrical panel
  • Discolored electrical panel
  • Visible rust on the electrical panel
  • Issues with recently installed appliances, electronics, or systems

Wingate electricians can also help you relocate an electrical panel to a safer location if necessary.

Dangerous Electrical Panels

If your home has an electrical panel from this list, you need to call Wingate Electricians now to schedule a panel inspection. One of our clean, screened, trained, and timely electricians will assess your panel and recommend an appropriate replacement. Here’s why:

FEDERAL PACIFIC One in four of these breakers have tested defective, or will not properly trip, causing a fire hazard.

ZINSCO While few of these breakers are still in use, we find them occasionally. They proved incapable of handling heavier loads, allowing electricity to melt wires, creating a fire risk.

SYLVANIA Sylvania panels are essentially Zinsco panels with a different logo. If you have one of these breakers, they are uninsurable.

ITE/BULLDOG PUSHMATIC These are so old replacement parts are no longer available. Without regular use and service, these grease-fed breakers are difficult to operate. If you have one, you need an update.


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