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Cincinnati Generator Services

What Kind of Generator Do I Need? | Wingate Electrical Cincinnati Home Services

Wingate Electrical has delivered dependable, timely, expert service to countless Cincinnati residents over the years.

You may depend on your generator for primary use, secondary, or both. Whatever your usage, you depend on your generator to function perfectly when you need it. The certified specialists at Wingate Electrical are here to ensure your home or business generators work optimally with our top-notch generator services!

We’ve been handling generator repair, maintenance and installation for years, and bring all of that accumulated knowledge and skill to every project. We take servicing your generator seriously, with a strong focus on exceptional work and industry-leading service. Story after story, we deliver smiles—providing our consumers with the very best ensures success for both your family and ours!

In need of generator services? Don’t hesitate, contact the experts at Wingate Electrical today!

Cincinnati Generator Repair and Maintenance

Generator repairs can be a real headache. Since you only use generators in emergencies you often don’t know there’s an issue until it’s too late! Our specialists recommend taking these steps to ensure your generators are in smooth working order:

  • Check for external damage. Periodically, the case and outer parts should be checked for damage. If there is a dent, break or crack, odds are it will be paint to spot with the naked eye. Checks should be run any time your generator is moved or used, and bi-monthly if not in use.
  • Do test runs. On occasion, flick your generator on and see that everything is in order. We would recommend doing this weekly, and while that may seem a bit of a pain, it’s a lot less painful than finding out your generator doesn’t work in a time of need!
  • Check for leaks. You’re likely to spot a leak (if one is present) during your bi-monthly check, but on the chance you notice a leak in a hose, drain pan or line, contact a professional immediately.
  • Annual professional check-ups. To ensure optimal performance, have your generator checked by a professional at least once per year. A practiced eye can spot all sorts of concerning aspects, and nip them in the bud before there’s any issue.

Our professionals stand at the ready to assist you in matters of generator repair. If you’ve noticed damages or any concerns, contact us to assist you!

Cincinnati Generator Installation

When it comes to generator installations, our team at Wingate Electrical are old hands. We’ve handled projects involving generators for years, and can provide all of the skill and knowledge needed to get your job done right. We offer industry-leading products like Generac Generators and technology, ensuring you get the generator that suits your specific needs. For excellence all around, contact Wingate Electrical!

Providing Cincinnati with Generac Generators

We at Wingate are proud to offer Generac generators, the #1 best-selling home backup generators. Generac is the industry leader in the creation of generators that are low maintenance. You don’t ever need to refill your generator with fuel because a Generac generator runs directly off your home’s natural gas pipeline. Generac generators provide consistent power directly to your home in case of an outage; they are automatically programed to begin working so you don’t have to turn a generator on or off.

With home backup generators that are weatherproof, have smart-load options to optimize your power, and that are manufactured right here in the US, Wingate is pleased to sell their products. If you’re wondering if a Generac generator is right for you, we recommend watching this video:


Why Our Customers Choose Wingate Electrical for Generators in Cincinnati, Oh

In the fifty-plus years we’ve been proudly serving Cincinnati, we’ve built a reputation on excellence. Excellent service, excellent skill, and excellent smiles. We provide the best in the industry in all respects, and your wants and needs are always our top priority. We believe in building a strong rapport with consumers in order to build trust and mutual respect, and make your happiness our mission.

Contact Wingate Electrical today to learn more about our generator services, and how we can strive to assist you best!


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