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Cool Off With Air Conditioner from Wingate HVAC

Wingate HVAC in Cincinnati, Oh, knows that air conditioning may not be the most fun topic, but when it’s time to replace your current unit, its a topic that might stay on your mind. Your comfort plays a part in how much you love your home. Our experts are ready to help you reach your comfort zone.

With various top-level air conditioning units to choose from, we’re sure that we have one that will take your energy efficiency to the next level, saving you money and helping you keep your cool.

Whether you’re in the market for the most efficient air conditioner out there or one that gives you standard energy efficiency that simply out-performs your current system, we’ve got you covered. All of our air conditioners are designed to run with your comfort in mind, so go ahead and daydream about the new level of comfort your home has now reached.

Cincinnati Central Air Conditioner Repair By Wingate HVAC

When it comes to home comfort during the warmer times in Cincinnati, your central air conditioner plays a huge role. High end summer temperatures are going to happen, which means that you’ll want to stay cool and comfortable. However, air conditioner repairs are a tough to predict. Conversely, if your  air conditioning unit is older than ten years, its almost bound to happen.

There is never a convenient time for your a/c unit to go out. That’s why we are available with  our 24 hour emergency service, or you can schedule an appointment for us to come and see about your needs. We know the unpredictability of machinery and would hate for you to have an event planned, with expected guests and your air conditioning on the fritz. So Wingate HVAC is always here for you. If you need AC repair service in Cincinnati immediately, simply call us 24/7 at 513 739 4238.

Important Points for A/C Air Conditioner Repair In Cincinnati

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Lack of maintenance
Letting your air conditioner run over long periods without being serviced is likely to cause more issues as time goes by. Whether it ends in routine air conditioner service or you end up needing a new air conditioning system, concerns can begin to pile up, negatively influencing the efficiency and operation of your system.


Component failure
When your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently, the compressor and fan controls can wear out, or several other important components could be affected. When your system cycles on and off frequently there is unnecessary stress placed on these internal parts, causing improper operation or premature failure.


Thermostat problems
From a dead battery to a thermostat sensor that isn’t properly calibrated, there are a host of possible thermostat problems. Have you replaced your thermostat batteries, it could be time to do so in order to avoid headaches.


Your AC will produce a large amount of condensation. Some air conditioners have an electric condensate pump with tubing that can crack or clog with algae or ice. Contact a friendly service technician if you suspect something is wrong with your pump.

What you need to know when you suspect your air conditioner needs a repair service:


  • If you think you hear a clicking noise coming from your central AC unit, call Wingate HVAC right away.
  • If your air conditioner isn’t running, you can check for a blown fuse or a flipped breaker. Check your electric box and replace the fuse or flip the breaker. If your air conditioner still won’t come on, give us a call so we can source of the problem.

Learn more about our ac repair service on our website. Need one of our air conditioner experts in Cincinnati for a repair service ASAP? Call Today 513 739 4238 to get it scheduled, and we’ll get your ac system working beautifully before you know it.

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