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6 Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Sump Pump Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH

A sump pump protects homeowners from flooding and water damage in the rainy season. It pumps away groundwater from your property. You need to take care of your sump pump for it to serve you effectively throughout its lifespan. Consider the following maintenance tips.

1. Inspect Your Sump Pump Often to See if It Works Correctly

Make it a habit to inspect the sump pump at least once monthly. Pour some water into the pit, and once the float reaches a certain point, a functional pump should start immediately. Watch how the sump pump runs and pay attention to any unusual sounds. If you hear a loud noise, this is an indication of part damage that needs attention. If the motor vibrates excessively, it means that the impeller is getting faulty. A unit that frequently turns on and off has internal wiring issues. If you encounter any of these problems, call a technician immediately.

2. Deep Clean the Sump Pump

The sump pump requires cleaning from time to time, depending on the frequency of use. If you use the unit to dispose of water from your washing machine, you might need to clean it every month. Before cleaning the sump pump, ensure that you turn off the power. Carefully remove it from the pit, then clear off debris and sediments. Clean all the accessible parts, and you can use a scraper or putty knife to scrape off toughly attached debris. Remember to check for signs of corrosion. Next, use a garden hose to rinse the pump and let it dry. Clean inside the pit using a wet vacuum. Reattach the sump pump restore the power, and observe how it functions.

3. Keep the Unit Well Covered

Install a removable sump pump cover on the unit to prevent large sediments from falling into the pit. Leave some space for the wires and the drainage pipe. The cover will also help prevent the water collected in the pit from evaporating, increasing the humidity level in the basement. Keep in mind that high moisture level attracts mold growth of damage surfaces and lowers indoor air quality.

4. Inspect the Discharge Pipes

You should check your drain pipe often. This is the pipe that channels the pumped water from the basement to the outside. The water may contain debris like leaves, rocks, sticks, and once they accumulate, it begins to drain slowly from your sump pump. The unit will need to work extra hard to pump away the water, leading to faster wear and tear. When you neglect the drainage pipe, you might experience an overflow in the basement. Check the discharge line for moisture that indicates leaks. Remember also to check the valve on the discharge pipe. If it malfunctions, water may flow back into the unit once it shuts off.

5. Get a Backup Power Source and Alarm

If you have a sump pump, you need a backup power source and a functioning alarm. During heavy storms, the backup power will keep the sump pump working in case of a power outage. Ensure that you replace the batteries on the backup device often. Install an alarm to notify you if your pump stops working and the water begins to build up in the pit. Test the alarm regularly to ensure that it’s in working order.

6. Plan for Professional Maintenance

Have your sump pump professionally checked every year. An experienced technician can identify early signs of malfunction in the unit and fix them before they become more significant issues. During tune-ups, the professional will check the power supply and inspect the connections to ensure a safe operation. They will also examine the float or pressure sensor to ensure that your unit operates successfully. Tune-ups reduce the chances of breakdown and prolong the unit’s lifespan. The maintenance also includes checking the discharge location. Your technician will ensure a safe distance between the discharge area and your house to prevent the water from flowing back or draining into a neighboring property.

Get Professional Sump Pump Inspection Today

Performing periodic maintenance on your sump pump will keep it working optimally. Though there are some simple maintenance tasks you can do on your own, leave issues concerning electrical connections, the switch mechanism, water intake, and discharge to professionals. Whenever you need help with your sump pump, consult Wingate Heating Cooling Plumbing & Electric. We offer high-quality cooling, heating, and plumbing services. Our company also provides duct cleaning and indoor air quality services in Cincinnati, OH, and the nearby areas. Call us now and schedule an appointment.

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